The inspiration behind Zestember

The inspiration behind Zestember

In 2013 while researching information for a report on health, Rachel McGuinness, Zestember’s founder became more and more alarmed by the impact on healthcare systems of preventable illnesses and diseases caused by unhealthy living.  With budget cuts and increasing shortages of doctors and nurses there has never ever been a better time to start looking after our health.

Inspired by the viral sensation of the ‘ice bucket challenge’ in 2014 and hearing one of the founders of the Movember movement speak at a health and wellbeing conference, she came up with Zestember, a FREE 30 day health challenge in September to inspire people of all ages to get healthy or healthier focusing on sleep, healthy diet, exercise and managing stress.

Rachel is very excited because this year, Mel White has joined her to help ‘spread the zest’ with Zestember – two crazy chicks on a mission to inspire the nation to get healthy!

Rachel McGuinness

Rachel McGuinness

Founder and Chief Vitality Officer

In real life Rachel is a health expert and coach who runs her own equally zesty wellbeing business called Zest Lifestyle which helps busy people get fit and healthy by helping them sleep better, eat healthily, exercise more and manage their stress.  She works with people who don’t know where to start when it comes to getting healthy or just don’t have the time to work it out for themselves, because getting healthy is very confusing – right!?

Rachel in 2000

Rachel knows this herself, because up until 16 years ago, she used to be very unhealthy and overweight.  She had a life changing moment on business trip to Barcelona, where she caught her reflection in a mirror and didn’t like what she saw.  She vowed at that moment to start looking after herself, so she did; and realised that small changes yield big results.

Three years later after training in fitness, nutrition, stress management and coaching, she started her own wellbeing business.

Rachel is regularly featured in the press and on radio and loves speaking to companies and organisations about how to get a healthy life the easy way.  Last December she was invited to speak at a food industry conference in Paris about the food industry’s role in the decline of the global population’s health.

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Mel Noakes

Chief Energy Officer

Mel is a leading health coach with a mission to support as many women as possible love the skin they're in so they can build extraordinary lives.  

She works with ambitious, adventurous women who, despite a chocker block diary, a wardrobe full of beautiful clothes and a “great” job, are exhausted, stressed out and battling with their bodies and food to regain a sense of control.  Her clients say she is a genius at helping them balance their professional success and personal health and happiness so they can thrive. 

Formally the Head of Experiential Marketing for Sony Mobile, Melissa understands the pressures of a high profile role and what it takes to build a successful career and remain healthy.  Voted number 20 in the Event 100 list, she regularly speaks at industry events and is a guest lecturer at Sheffield University.  She has recently been signed as a featured writer in Hatch Magazine focusing on the female perspective in career development and marketing practices.

Speaking and contributing to Health and Wellness publications she has shared the stage with Denise Lewis OBE, Victoria Pendleton and other wellness icons at Befit London and is a regular contributor to Well To Do London and the Huffington Post.

She fuses her unique blend of experiential marketing and coaching expertise with the ambition to create a society where women embrace their uniqueness, respect their bodies and create a sense of balance so they can thrive.

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