Want to help inspire people to get healthy?

Why not become a Zestember Ambassador?

This is for:

  1. People who work in fitness, health, wellbeing, HR, companies, organisations or anyone who wants to help inspire others to get healthy.
  2. People who want to help the nation to become healthier by reducing the numbers of people diagnosed with preventable lifestyle diseases.
  3. People who are 100% on board with the ZESTEMBER MANIZESTO!

Being an Ambassador also means you can officially use the Zestember logo.

What did Ambassadors do last year?

They used Zestember as an opportunity to:

  • Raise their profile in their newsletters and on social media using the hashtags
  • Offer free classes and sessions
  • Do health talks, workshops and webinars themed on sleeping well, eating smart, moving more and chilling out
  • Offer discounts or did promotions to existing clients and attract new ones
  • Show what healthy activities their clients were up to on social media
  • Launch their health and wellbeing businesses
  • Promote health to their organisations


1 (3)We will send you the Ambassador Guidelines, the  ‘Get zesty 30 day health challenge’  planner and the logo.

We don’t like spam, so we promise not to fill up your inbox with lots of unnecessary mail.  However, you might receive a few more emails from us in Zestember as that’s when all the action’s happening!